Dear Sisters

Dear Sisters
Highland 12th Ward Sisters

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fun Dollar Store Halloween Crafts...Target Too!

I Love a Vintage Halloween!
For me, Halloween is not about the's about the season.  I have always been an Autumn person.  I look forward to the brisk mornings, the falling leaves and the flavor of Pumpkin Spice Everything!  I have such fond memories of Halloween from when I was a child...and I have spent my adult life trying to recreate it somehow.  That's why I love the look of vintage Halloween decorations and have a bit of a collection of blow mold lanterns and die cuts of cats and haunted houses.  My neighbors know I love to decorate my front porch as well as the inside of my house...I can't help myself.  I have a need to create.  If you, too, are feeling a need to create...but money doesn't grow on Halloween trees...I have assembled a few fun holiday projects that I found on Pinterest and a few blogs.  Nothing scary...I don't like gory "chainsaw massacres" on my front yard.  I prefer black cats and Jack o' Lanterns. 
Dollar Store Crafts
My Favorite...Haunted Village.
Dollar store houses are sprayed with matte black.
I made a Christmas village by painting the houses cream and adding glitter.
Pumpkin Topiary
Dollar store burner covers, a pail and a yard stick or dowel.
"BOO" Front Door Décor
The one shown is embroidery hoops, but burner covers would work instead.
Think "JOY" for Christmas!
Wrap a Dollar Store Pumpkin in Burlap...Classy!

More Dollar Store Pumpkins.
Paint or decoupage for a designer look.

I especially love this! Trick or Treat Flower Pots!
Wouldn't a Black Cat head be cute as well?
Dollar Store Frames or DI.
So much fun printable art can be found on Pinterest

 Blog Friend Kim transformed a Target owl from the $3 bins.
The hat is in the Halloween section...also $3.
Kim turned a Target light-up house into a Trick or Treat house!
$3 in Halloween section.
 Pot Lid Pumpkins.
I spray painted lids from the DI and added buttons and such for details.
DI had a lot of pot lids yesterday.  I get the ones with the black knobs for noses.
 My blog Zettas Aprons
Burlap Halloween Art.
Walmart sells burlap wrapped frames.
Decorate with scrapbook paper and trims for super quick fun!
That's all for now...
Happy Halloween Crafting!

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