Dear Sisters

Dear Sisters
Highland 12th Ward Sisters

Family History!


Family History Centers

Multi-Stake Family History Center
  9626 North 6800 West
  T-TH:  9:30-3:30, 6:30-9:30
  W:  9:30-9:30
  F:  9:30-12:30

Riverton Family History Center
  3740 W. Market Center Drive
  M:  9-5
  T-TH:  9-9
  F-Sat:  9-5

BYU Family History Center
  Harold B. Lee Library
  M-TH:  8-9
  F:  8-6
  Sat:  10-6

Salt Lake FamilyHistory Library
  35 North West Temple
  M:  8-5
  T-Sat:  8-9

Mt. Timpanogos Utah Family History Center
  835 North 900 East
  America Fork
  Call for hours

Family Tree Training
Other Research Classes

Riverton Family Search Library (variety of classes taught at Riverton Library)

Brigham Young University Family History Library  (variety of classes taught at BYU Library)

Leland Moon (online videos for Family Tree only***)

Family History Department site  (online videos for Family Tee only***)

Family History Library--Salt Lake City  (variety of classes taught at Family History Library)

Utah South Area Training Center (classes taught at Training Center in Orem)

Family History Online Classes on (variety of topics-online videos)
                 Go to "Family Search Centers"...Click on "Free Classes"

Free Family History Webinars (variety of topics online webinars)

Your ward family history consultants

Roots Tech Family History Conference:  March 21-23

Davis County Family History Fair:  April 20, 2013, 
                Check Utah Genealogical Society Website for details.

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