Dear Sisters

Dear Sisters
Highland 12th Ward Sisters

Monday, December 21, 2015

Eating an Elephant...December Bite!

December Bite...
Tastes like Christmas Cookies!

This is the last installment of "Eating an Elephant" preparedness goals.  Sorry they are so late...December kind of gets away from me.  In January I hope to come up with a new theme for the year.  The monthly goals will still be available in the post archive...but even better...Blogger has added a new feature, "Featured Post" that will appear on the top of the right side. You will be able to find each month's "Bite" there.  Just a click away!  As an example, you will find a post from last Christmas about Santa Claus and what the Prophets have said about him.

December Goals...

"No man is truly free who is in financial bondage.  'Think what you do when you run in debt,' said Benjamin Franklin. 'You give another power over your liberty.'"
--Ezra Taft Benson

Spiritual Goal:
Decide as a family how you can better remember and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Provident Living Goal:
Review you insurance coverage; life, household, vehicle.  Do you have enough?  Could you replace your vehicle or household goods with the coverage you have?

Storage Goal:
  • 40 lbs. dried beans per person.
  • Matches.
  • Candles.
  • Batteries.

72 Hour Kit:
  • Garbage bags,
  • Candles.
  • Matches.
  • Can Opener.

December Visiting Teaching Message...
I liked this cute handout from Polka Dot Creations on Pinterest!
I hope we all remembered our Sisters this month!

Merry Christmas, Sisters!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful November Bite...Eating an Elephant!

Thanksgiving Bite!

I am still chuckling over this month's elephant!  On a whim I went to Pinterest and typed in "Thanksgiving elephant" without much hope of finding such a thing.  Well, what do you know...look what popped up!!  I admit I snorted a bit of Diet Coke through my nose...good thing I don't have a!

November...A Month for Gratitude

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I just want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you that read and support this blog.  Blogs are funny things...a cross between an online newsletter, a magazine article and a personal journal.  It can be many things depending on who writes it and who their audience is.  This year I have focused mainly on preparedness.  I hope the monthly "Bites" have been helpful...especially if you and your family are just getting started.  Some of the suggested storage goals may have been a little too much for the monthly budget to handle.  I understand.  The purpose is to make suggestions for the month and we each do as much as we can.  Every little bite helps...right?  So if the goal is 100 lbs. of wheat per person, even if you just get 100 lbs. total (or just 1 bucket) you are that much closer to completing your storage goals.  

November Goals...

President Brigham Young

"The time will come that gold will hold not comparison in value to a bushel of wheat."
--Pres. Brigham Young

Spiritual Goal:
Have personal prayers and scripture study every day.

Provident Living Goal:
Make a goal of reducing your family garbage by recycling more.

Storage Goal:
  • 100 pounds of wheat per person.
  • 1 #10 can juice mix with vitamin C per person.
  • Hand/shower soap.
  • Light bulbs.
  • At least one month prescription ahead for all doctor prescribed medication.
72 Hour Kit:
  • Soap.
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Infant needs.
  • Feminine needs.
  • Disinfectant.
  • Aluminum foil.

Grateful for the Harvest.

"Y Prepare?"  Stake Preparedness Blog
If you are not already following the Stake Preparedness Blog, you can easily receive updates in your email by visiting and filling in your email in the subscribe box.  It's right there at the top of the article.  The following links are for the last four case you missed them.

Highland Central Stake FRS/GRMS Frequencies and Radio Instruction Video

Practical Hazmat Protection--Accident Mitigation

Emergency Cleaning Bucket

Shelf Life of Commercially Canned Foods

Grateful for the Peaceful Beauty of an Autumn Day.

I have so much to be grateful for this year...

Bless you, Dear Sisters!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Bite...Fall Fun!

Trunk or Treat!!
October is here at last!
Would you be surprised to hear that October is my favorite month of the year? neither!  October is not just Halloween; it's sunny days with a chilly bite in the air.  The month brings with it football games, raking leaves and General Conference Weekend.  I love taking drives up into the mountains, even though the turning leaves are past their prime and have moved down into the valley.

October makes me crave chili and sloppy joes...and doughnuts...the menu from childhood Halloween carnivals at Harrington and Alpine Elementary Schools.  I will always associate these foods with October. 

A week or so ago, I went to the Dutch Oven Cooking Workshop.  It was held on a rainy night at the church picnic pavilion.  It felt a bit like roughing it.  The pavilion was wrapped in tarps to keep the wind and rain at bay.  Bundled in coats and jackets, folks were busily helping put the meals and desserts together in the big iron pots.  It was kind of fun and we learned a lot. Larry Walker is an amusing and informative teacher. The situation reminded me of pioneers on the trail working together to set up camp and prepare a communal meal.  I wondered what it would be like to crawl into a cold tent or wagon box afterward and try to get warm enough to fall asleep.  I liked the spirit of cooperation and fellowship.  If hard times come, I know that my neighbors will work together to help each other get through it.

October Goals...
"When people are able but unwilling to take care of themselves, we are responsible to employ the dictum of the Lord that the idler shall not eat the bread of the laborer."
--Elder Boyd K. Packer

Spiritual Goal:
Watch one more session of General Conference than you normally would.

Provident Living Goal:
Make a goal to read 30 minutes/day to your children or grandchildren.  If you have no children to read to, make a goal to read at least 30 minutes/day just for pleasure.

Storage Goal:
  • 50 cans of soup, stew, or chili per person.
  • 10 pounds of cheese per person.
  • Shaving supplies.
  • Dish soap.
72 Hour Kit:
  • 4 granola bars per person.
  • 2 sticks beef jerky per person.
  • 1 package chewing gum per person.
  • Hard candies or least 12 per person.  
  • Check batteries for lights and radio...replace if needed.
  • Conference weekend is good time to update your kit and rotate food items.

Fall Fun...Hobo Party!
The Official Hobo Uniform...

Driving in the canyon with the windows open one sunny afternoon in the fall, I caught the scent of wood smoke and leaves that had been crushed underfoot.  I was transported in memory to my teenage years and an MIA activity one autumn in the canyon.  It was a hobo party at Granite Flats.  We dressed in our raggedy jeans and old flannel shirts.  The leaders had set up camp with a crackling bonfire.  Dutch oven pots of chili bubbled enticingly.  We ate out of tin cans and old pie tins...nothing ever tasted so good!  I don't remember what games we played or anything else... other than the cute boy I sat next to on the way home.  What I do remember was how content I was to be in the mountains and how the wood smoke brought tears to my eyes...happy tears.  I'm sure I am looking back through rosy lenses, but an October day can do that to me.

Hobo Bindles.
A bindle is the stereotypical pack carried by a hobo.
A hobo with a bindle was often called a "Bindlestiff."
I love!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a Hobo Party in the canyon with your children or grandchildren this fall?
Just pack up the dutch oven and dress in your finest raggedy clothing.  Eat chili or hobo stew out of pie tins and make s'mores.  Each child could have their own bindle.  Wrap up individual packets of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers in a banana and let the child use the stick for roasting his marshmallows.  What better way to spend a sunny October weekend?

Made from real hobos?

Happy October, Sisters

Monday, September 14, 2015

Workshop...Dutch Oven Cooking!

Dutch Oven Cooking!
What better way to enjoy autumn...or be better prepared?

Workshop and Demonstration
  • Wednesday evening  September 16, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  • Highland Central Stake Center Picnic Pavilion (if weather permits...if not, will be held indoors.)
  • Taught by Larry and Jeanie Walker...authors of several books on Dutch Oven Cooking and long time Highland residents.
  • Helpful instruction, live cooking demonstration, recipes and yummy samples.
  • Adults 12 and over please.
Every month members of the Stake Preparedness Committee get together to plan and discuss ways to help our ward members be more prepared in all aspects of their lives.  This workshop is open to all members of the stake and whoever else might be interested.  The Walkers have been doing this for many years and are expert Dutch oven specialists.  They were at the Preparedness Expo this past weekend.

One of the books they have published.

Preparedness Blog and Calendar

The Highland Central Stake has an official preparedness blog  Y Prepare?  Mike Parry is the administrator.  He and his contributors have prepared links to resources to help us with our preparedness goals.  It's very important that each of us visit this blog and sign up on the right-hand side for email updates.  That way any time the blog is updated, you will know and be able to access the new information.

Across the top of the blog are links to subjects like food storage, 72 hour kits, gardening, health, etc.  One of the links is Events Calendar.  The calendar will list classes, workshops and other upcoming events pertaining to preparedness.  If you haven't been to the blog, please take a minute to look at it.  I know you will be glad to be able to access the resources they have put together for us.

  • Case Lot Sales are going on right now.  Macy's ends this Saturday.  Smith's ends tomorrow.  I love these sales.  They're perfect for filling up my rotating can organizer in the pantry.  The lower price per can makes it easy to store the suggested 90 days of "food my family will eat."
  • Today I began to update and rotate the food in my 72 hour kit back packs.  I am at a bit of a dilemma.  My 72 hour "bug out" kit is getting unwieldy.  It may take several trips to load the stuff into the car.  So I decided to change the contents of the back packs so that we can just grab them if there is little to no time to dally.  If time allows, then we can go back for the duffle of tools and emergency stuff, the sleeping bags and the backpack of freeze dried entrees.
  • It's very important to rotate the food every 6 General Conference time is a good rule of thumb.  I hadn't done it for over a year and the saltines and little cartons of Goldfish crackers were positively rancid.  I store a package of saltines inside a Pringle's can.  I don't know if I'll ever get the weird smell out of the!
This was just a quick post to let you know about the Dutch Oven class.  I hope you can make it!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

What Prophets Have Said About Santa Claus.

Believe or Not to Believe?

Beautiful Artwork by Greg Olson

When my children were small I hesitated to include Santa Claus in my holiday decorations because I didn't want the season to be focused on the gifts that Santa would bring.  But I had had so much love for Santa when I was a child...he had been so much a part of the magic of the season.  I knew that the birth of Jesus was the reason we celebrated...Primary lessons and Nativity programs added to the joy and anticipation.  The singing of hymns and caroling with my teachers and class mates helped make the season bright.  But I just couldn't bear to have Christmas without Santa. He had always been kind to me.

Today I found a blog post on LDS Living titled "What Prophets Have Said About Santa Claus."  What I read warmed my heart... they were saying I could BELIEVE!  Their words put it all in perspective.  Here are just a few of the quotes:

David O. McKay
"It is a glorious thing to have old St. Nicholas in our hearts and in our homes today, whether he enters the latter through the open door or creeps down the chimney on Christmas Eve.  To bring happiness to others without seeking personal honor or praise by publishing it is a most commendable virtue..."

Boyd K. Packer
"I want to emphasize that I have no quarrel with that well-fed gentleman with the red suit and the white whiskers.  He was very generous to me when I was a boy, and we are looking forward with great anticipation to his visit at our home.  All of those things with reference to Christmas are appropriate and good, and all of them are for children...except, I suppose, the mistletoe."

John A. Widtsoe
There are men who object to Santa Claus because he does not exist! Such men need spectacles to see that Santa Claus is a symbol; a symbol of the love and joy of Christmas and the Christmas spirit.  In the land of my birth there was no Santa Claus, but a little goat was shoved into the room, carrying with it a basket of Christmas toys and gifts.  The goat itself counted for nothing; but the Christmas spirit, which it symbolized, counted for a tremendous lot."

Ezra Taft Benson
As a boy I loved going to the canyon to cut our Christmas tree and I always tried to get one that reached to the ceiling.  Though we received only a few gifts, our stockings were filled with fruit, nuts, and candy, and Santa always left something.  Like all children, we suffered terrible anticipation at Christmastime...until, that is, we happened onto the Santa Claus costume in the bottom of an old trunk.  Suddenly the secret was out. So that was why Father was always out doing chores when Santa came on Christmas morning."

Christmas Spirit Can Be Renewed...

I have struggled with my holiday spirit this year.  What used to be a holiday hustle and in the song "Silver Bells"... has turned into a mad scene of chaos that starts right after dinner on breather,  and seemingly no chance to connect with family and enjoy each other's company.  I just feel tired rather than joyful.  I want to return to Christmas Past.  I want to visit Mary Pulley's house in American Fork for her Christmas Nativity and get a treat from Santa.  I want to drive all over town and "ooh and ahh" over the simple lights on simple houses which to me looked the colored sprinkles on Christmas cookies.  No admission charges!

How I remember Christmas in American Fork.

I miss Santa with his reindeer pulling the little sleigh.

Santa's Christmas Train...such a delight!

 I wish I could go back again with my Harrington School classmates to the fire station and receive a bag of candy, nuts and oranges from the firemen.  So much happiness to be found back then.  It's time I looked for the joy of the 2014 season. The words of beloved Church leaders give me hope for Christmas Present...I can BELIEVE!  Let me leave you with one last quote from Jeffrey R. Holland:

A little family...

Jeffrey R. Holland
"The memory of that night would bring Santa Claus and Frosty and Rudolph...and all would be welcome.  But first and forever there was just a little family, without toys or trees or tinsel.  With a baby...that's how Christmas began."

Dear Sisters, I wish you a blessed and joyful Christmas

Monday, August 17, 2015

Eating an Elephant...Goals for August and September!

Back-to-School Bites...Monthly Goals!

I apologize for being so late publishing the monthly Provident Living goals for August.  I've had some painful dental issues and visiting grandchildren the past few weeks.  So I have decided to give you the goals for both August and September.  This is such a busy time of year, getting the children off to school and taking care of our gardens...getting the fruits of our labor canned and stored for the winter.  I love this time of year!

August Goals!


"For the moment we live in a day of peace and prosperity, but it shall not ever be thus.  Great trials lie ahead...and we must prepare ourselves temporally and spiritually..."
--Bruce R. McConkie

Spiritual Goal:  
Have Family Home Evenings with family every Monday.  Make sure at least one Monday each month is set aside for doing something really fun for the whole family.

Provident Living Goal:  
Learn to preserve food in a way you haven't tried before.

Storage Goal:
  • 100 quarts fruit and vegetables per person.
  • 24 pints of jam or jelly per person.
  • Feminine needs.
  • School supplies.
  • Pet supplies.

72 Hour Kit:
  • I can tuna per person.
  • 1 can pork and beans per person.
  • 1/2 pound dried milk per person.
  • 2 packets hot chocolate per person (or 1 large can per family).
  • 2 instant soup packets per person (rotated every year).
  • Disposable plates, cups, bowls, and flatware.
  • Pet supplies...include dishes, leash, and extra water.

September Goals!

There is nothing so satisfying as a filled pantry.

"There is no person who knows the real purpose for which this welfare program is being instituted, but hardly before sufficient preparation has been made the real purpose will be revealed, and when that time comes, it will challenge every resource of the church to meet it."
--Harold B. Lee

Spiritual Goal:
Have family scripture study together every day.

Provident Living Goal:
Review your will if you have one.  make any needed changes.  If you do not have a will, make arrangements to get one.  EVERY adult should have a will.  Plan and carry out a FHE on the importance of preparedness.

Storage Goal:
  • 10- #10 cans (35 lbs. total) powdered milk per person.
  • 25 pounds canned or dried potatoes per person.
  • 50 quarts fruit or tomato juice per person.

72 Hour Kit:
  • I pound dried fruit or trail mix per person...or fruit leather.
  • 1 package (4 per box) saltine crackers per person.
  • 1 (4 per box) package graham cracker per person.
  • 2 liters tomato or orange juice per person.
  • Rotate these items every 6 months.
We are thankful for the harvest!

Remember to visit the Stake Preparedness Blog...Y Prepare?

Have a lovely fall, Sisters!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Eating an Elephant...July Goals!

Eating an Elephant!

This little elephant is red, white, and true blue!

July Goals...

"Ye Latter-day Saints, learn to sustain yourselves, produce everything you need to eat, drink or wear..."  President Brigham Young

Spiritual Goal:
Take the family names you prepared last month to the Temple.

Provident Living Goal:
Make a goal to eat healthier.  For example:  less sweets, more fresh fruits and veggies, less meat, more fiber, etc.

Storage Goal:
  • 50 lbs. honey or sugar per person.
  • 10 #10 cans (35 lbs. total) powdered milk per person.
  • 2 toothbrushes per person.
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Infant needs...formula, baby food, diapers, Tylenol, etc.

72 Hour Kit:

  • Prepare blankets...the silver foil ones.
  • Gather items to entertain your family and include in kit: UNO cards, coloring books and crayons, cross-stitch kits, etc.  Be sure to include paper and pencils
  • Camp stove or portable BBQ and fuel.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • $25 cash.
July is such a patriotic month and also a month  when we think about our pioneer ancestors.  During WWII it was considered patriotic to be frugal and learn to make do with the resources one had at hand.  Those who were wasteful often went without some of the necessities.  Things like shoes, bedding and automobile tires were rationed, so folks learned to take good care of the ones they had. 

Our pioneer grandparents arrived in the valley with only those things that they could carry.  Many precious and lovely heirlooms were left behind.  They had to make do with what they had.  If a plow or shovel broke or a pair of sewing scissors, there was no way to replace them until the next company of freight wagons arrived from back east.  Things gradually improved with the coming of the railroad, but people learned to provide for themselves just as Brigham Young asked of them.

Happy Pioneer Day, July 24th!

Note:  The link to the Stake Preparedness Blog is located on the sidebar to the right.

Monday, June 8, 2015

June Goals...Eating an Elephant!

A Big Bite of June!
Summer Time! 
Time for Ice Cream and Provident Living

It's summer vacation and the kids are home.  Most of us are frantically juggling our jobs, household responsibilities and children's activities like circus performers.  Who has time to worry about preparedness at a time like this?  If we thought we lived in our cars during the school year, we might as well add pillows, blankets and a mini-fridge to the sports equipment and over-due library books in the back of the van...we're not going home any time soon!  The last thing we want or need is the Provident Living Lady nagging us about our food storage goals.  We know we're busy...too busy to have to worry about the "END OF THE WORLD"...that's for when we get older and have more time.  Only grandma's (who also do all of our family history research) have time to worry about all that preparedness stuff.  By the way, I just realized that I might not live long enough to reach the 25 year use-by-date on my food storage.

Last evening at the Stake Preparedness Committee meeting, the talk was about water storage and other related topics.  One of the women in my group was almost in tears as she testified about how deeply she feels the need to help the women and men in her ward realize the importance of being prepared.  She talked about how disappointing it is to try and arrange classes or demonstrations for ward members and having them show little or no interest.  She feels strongly that we should harken to the words of our church's all a matter of obedience and accountability.  They have counseled us for years and lately the warnings have been stronger.  Are we going to be the family that has to ask their neighbors for help with food in a time of crisis...or will we be the ones in a position to be a blessing to their neighbors?  As hard as it is to find the time...or is important.  It's just a matter of obedience to counsel and getting started...eating the elephant one bite at a time.

June Goals...

"We will see the day when we live on what we produce."--President Marion G. Romney

Spiritual Goal:
Prepare at least one family name for temple work.

Provident Living Goal:
Make a goal to have 6 months wages in savings for emergencies.  Write out a realistic goal to make it happen.  (Note: A few of the other wards have as a goal for this month to have at least $100 in small bills as part of your 72 hour kit...lots of "ones."  Nothing is more worthless than large bills in a time of emergency!)

Storage Goal:
First aid kit - should include scissors, knife, thermometer, measuring cup, medicine dropper, hot water bottle, triangular bandages, soap, matches, razor blades, needles, safety pins, adhesive tape, elastic bandages, paper bags, gauze bandages, bicarbonate of soda, Ipecac syrup (induces vomiting), ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, calamine lotion (insect bites and sunburn), rubbing alcohol, diarrhea remedy, antibiotic ointment, first aid instruction book, prescription medications, waterproof matches.

Note:  Emergency Essentials is having a sale right now on 72 hour Emergency Kits, Car Kits, and 100 piece First Aid Kits...up to 52% off.  Here is the link:  Emergency Essentials

72 Hour Kit:
Container for holding kit.  Large garbage can with wheels OR backpack for each family member recommended.  Find a place in your home that is easily accessible for storing the kit.  You need to be able to grab it at a moment's notice to leave you home.  Note:  Your first aid kit is also part of your 72 hour kit.  Your 72 hour kit is also part of your general storage.  But your general storage CANNOT be part of your 72 hour kit.

A 72 hour kit as seen on Pinterest.
I have copied this for my family and store it in the little utility closet at the back of my pantry.
It's all portable and ready-to-go!

You Might Be Interested in....
Do you know how to use these tools?

A class or demonstration/workshop on canning methods and equipment is being held this Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the Hollowcrest building.   If you're new to canning and would like to learn some interesting tips, they would be glad to have you attend.  The tools for canning may look a little intimidating at time...I used to have a fear of exploding pressure cookers! 

Thank you, Sisters!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Eating an Elephant...May Munch!

May Munch!

"The revelation to produce and store food may be as essential to our temporal welfare today as boarding the ark was to the people in the days of Noah." --President Ezra Taft Benson

Spiritual Goal:
Share a Book of Mormon with a non-member

Provident Living Goal:
Make a specific provident living goal and plan to exercise it regularly.  Example: Make a plan for your family where to meet or how to get in contact during a time of emergency.  Go over it in FHE from time to time.

Storage Goal:
  • 100 pounds variety cereal grains...rice, quinoa, oatmeal, cornmeal, etc. per person.
  • 24 rolls paper towels per person.
  • 24 packages flavored gelatin per person.
  • Garden seeds.
  • 1 small bottle olive oil (for consecrating).
  • At least one month ahead on prescriptions for all doctor prescribed medications.
72 Hour Kit:
  • Battery powered radio.
  • Battery powered light.
  • Batteries.
Y Prepare?  New Stake Preparedness Blog!

Even woodland creatures know how to prepare.

I am the ward provident living specialist on the stake preparedness committee.  The committee meets monthly to share information about what each ward is doing to promote preparedness.  We are then supposed to share this information back to the ward and educate the members.  If there are classes, workshops, or other important resources  we are to let you know about them.  I use this blog for that purpose.  Mike Parry of the 14th Ward has published a blog for the use of the Stake.  It's called Y Prepare? and will be a wonderful resource for us all. is the link.  It is also on the sidebar of this blog along with other LDS bloggers.   The most recent topic is 72 hour kits, so I hope that you will visit this blog as soon as possible and add it to your Favorites.

I will still be doing the monthly goals, along with information from the stake and other resources I think will be helpful.  Thank you, sisters, for your support and encouragement!

Monday, April 6, 2015

April Bite...Eating an Elephant!

Sweet April Elephant!

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."
D&C 38:30

Spiritual Goal:
Attend the temple one more session that you normally do this month.

Provident Living Goal:
If you normally do not grow a garden, plan to grow at least one vegetable this year.  If you already have a garden, either grow a vegetable you haven't tried before...or try a new method or technique this year.

Storage Goal:
  • 2 pounds of yeast per person.
  • 2 pounds baking powder per person.
  • 1 pound soda per person.
  • 1 gallon vinegar per person.
  • 10 cans evaporated milk per person.
  • 10 pounds peanut butter per person.
  • Spices, condiments and vanilla.
72 Hour Kit:
  • 4 granola bars per person.
  • 2 sticks beef jerky per person.
  • 1 package chewing gum per person.
  • Hard candies or least 12 per person.  Rotate items every 6 months...Conference time is a good time to do this.

Spring Time is Garden Time....

A Prophet's Words

"We encourage you to grow all the food that you feasibly can on your own property...Grow vegetables and eat them from your own yard.  Even those residing in apartments or condominiums can generally grow a little food in pots or planters.  Study the best methods of producing you own foods." -- President Spencer W. Kimball

Springtime is the time to think about gardening!  Whether you love to garden, feel guilty about not gardening (me), or have just never considered it, being able to grow some of your own food is an important part of emergency preparedness and provident living.  You don't have to have a large garden and spend your life canning to enjoy the benefits of growing some of your own food.  Everyone has different needs and lifestyles...gardening can fit them all.

Container Gardening

Perhaps your time is limited, your health is questionable, or you plan to travel extensively over the summer.  In these cases a container garden might be a good options.  Why not plant your food in pots?  For example, you could have one tomato, one zucchini, and one cucumber plant...each in it's own large pot.  Set up a drip watering system with an automatic timer.  This arrangement would require minimal care, but could still provide a lot of fresh food.

Small Gardens

Even a garden as small as 2 ft. by 3 ft. can provide a family with lots of fresh food.  Gardening magazines often include plans for miniature size gardens.  If you don't want to have a garden per se, how about "sneaking" a couple of vegetables into the landscaping?  There is always zucchini...which even I can't kill.  And there are plenty of bush-type plants that yield a lot of vegetables, like yellow squash, tomatoes and cucumbers in wire cages.  A row of radishes or baby lettuce could be planted early on; they'll be gone before the regular plants begin to bush out.  I like the idea of flower bed gardens because I am just too lazy to walk....all...the...way...out to the backyard!

Share the Wealth

We can help each other out by sharing the surplus from our gardens.  Not just the dreaded zucchini, but peppers and herbs and other ingredients for our canned salsas, chili and spaghetti sauces.  I will always be happy to pass on the info if you have produce to spare and wish to share.

Free Resources

There is more free info than you will ever need online or on Pinterest!  These resources cover everything you would ever want to know...from container gardening, to organic gardening, to complete self-sufficiency.

Have a Happy and Productive Month, Sisters!