Dear Sisters

Dear Sisters
Highland 12th Ward Sisters

Monday, July 21, 2014

Top 10 Utah Foods...For Pioneer Day!

This is the Place!
Pioneer Day is almost here!  
Celebrating the arrival of Brigham Young and Company....July 24, 1847.

The Mormon Pioneers came to the Mountain West from many countries.  These diverse cultures brought with them their many traditions and foods.  Festivals celebrating these traditions can be found through out the state of Utah...Swiss Days in Midway and Scandinavian Days in Epraim are just two examples.  Spanish Fork celebrates their Icelandic ancestry. With our state being such a melting pot of do we explain Utah's signature foods?  It's a mystery only partly explained by the need to feed large families on a budget.  Here are some of Utah's Top 10 Foods as found in a May 17, 2011 article written by Kathy Stephenson for The Salt Lake Tribune. 

Top 10 Utah Foods!

Fry Sauce...
Created by the founder of Arctic Circle.
If you've ever had trouble re-creating the probably forgot to add onion powder and pickle juice to the ketchup and mayonnaise.

Utah Scones...
aka Navajo Fry Bread with honey butter.

My favorite is  any Green or Red Flavor with Coolwhip, Cottage Cheese and Pineapple.

Bear Lake Raspberries...
Who wouldn't love a celebration around raspberry ice cream shakes?

Pastrami Burgers...
Originated at Crown a Greek-American fast-food staple.

Funeral Potatoes...
Large pans of deliciousness!
Made to feed large families at reunions and funerals...which are also reunions.

Dutch Oven Cooking.
Utah is home to the International Dutch Oven Society.
The cast-iron pot is our official state cooking pot.

Green River Watermelons....

Utah Honey...
It wouldn't make sense to have a beehive for the state symbol and not make the best honey!

Collegiate Ice Cream.
BYU and USU are among 15 colleges in the US that make their own ice cream.
Rise and Shout for LaVell Vanilla, Cougar Fans!


  1. Great list Shirley! Love them all!

  2. I didn't know "the cast iron pot" was the official Utah State cooking pot! Very cool! I love cast iron for cooking--and it's about all I use :-)


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