Dear Sisters

Dear Sisters
Highland 12th Ward Sisters

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Provident Living...Crisco Candle!

Crisis Crisco?

I would love to find this!
I have a whole network of blogs that I enjoy reading every day.  A few of them are LDS ladies who have many of the same interests that I do.  One of my favorite LDS bloggers is a sweet California lady named Maryjane who blogs at The Beehive Cottage.   Maryjane's darling blog is a shabby lover's dream.  She makes the prettiest pink laundry soap as well as wonderful vintage-inspired crafts for her Etsy shop.  Maryjane graciously allowed me to share a tutorial she taught her Relief Society sisters. 

Emergency Candle...From Crisco!
I gave a class for the women of my church in my home on ideas for 
Emergency Preparedness
One of the ideas I shared was this candle made out of vegetable shortening 
I have seen on Pinterest over and over again.

It is awesome and works for hours on end!
I bought the wicks on eBay and
the vegetable shortening at Walmart.
The vegetable shortening can I bought is a medium size and 
should burn for 40+++ hours.

1. Open can of vegetable shortening. The bigger the can, the longer it will last.

2. Insert candle wick with a dowel or scissors into the center of the can. 
(I pinched the bottom of wick with scissors and pushed the wick to the bottom of can). 
If the can has a large diameter, multiple wicks can be inserted. 
(I used 2 wicks as shown). Leave quarter of an inch of wick showing above the can 
to make sure the flame is a manageable size.

3. Even out the top of the vegetable shortening so the candle is smooth.

4. Light wick and enjoy the candle!
I had it burning the whole class time.
After the class, I blew out the candle 
replaced the lid on it that it came with.

Ready to use now in an emergency!
GREAT Christmas gift idea!

I will be making them!
Have a wonderful day and be prepared!

Thank you so much, Maryjane for letting me share this fun preparedness tip with my Highland 12th Ward sisters.  There's no reason for Provident Living to be boring...not with Pinterest!   Sisters, I am going to put some links on the side bar of my favorite LDS even lives in Alpine and is an amazingly creative person!

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