Dear Sisters

Dear Sisters
Highland 12th Ward Sisters

Monday, June 3, 2013

Something Fun...Women's Hiking Group!

 Women's Hiking Group
Actual photo of today's!
Heidi Kennington passed on this information to our RS presidency: 
"Suzanne Palmer is sponsoring a women's hiking group. Here is what her handout says:
School is out... Hip, Hip Hooray,
Let's head for the hills to hike on Mondays!
Hiking club will begin on June 3rd
It'll be more fun than you've ever heard!
A different trail we'll try each week,
Because fitness and fun are what we seek.
And you'll find it at the Hiking Club
All summer long, except for rain and mud!
Meet at Suzanne's at 7 AM
For a potty break before we begin.

Suzanne:  801-362-4470
11088 North 5020 West in Highland ( just off the road that goes to AF canyon)

Everyone is welcome...spread the word.  Call Suzanne to find out about next week's hike.  Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.  I used to hike up the Timp Cave trail a couple of times a week just for the exercise...before we had to pay to use the canyon.  It was fun talking to people from out of state.  I would point out Highland from our high viewpoint and brag that "That's my town."
That's our town!
Highland in the distance

Just a short post today!

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