Dear Sisters

Dear Sisters
Highland 12th Ward Sisters

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tulip Festival!

Tulip Festival!
It would be almost criminal to live so close to Thanksgiving Point and never go to the Tulip Festival.  I went a few years ago and was amazed at the beauty and color...not to mention the variety of beautiful tulips and daffodils, and other spring flowers.  This would be a wonderful opportunity to call your VT sisters and spend some (Spring) time with them.  I hope the weather will be as nice as pie...the temps should be a bit warmer by Wednesday.
When our family lived in Germany, we were not too far from the Dutch border.  One beautiful...and rare...sunny day, we drove to the Keukenhof for the Tulip Festival.  Driving through the lovely countryside we passed field after field of colorful tulips and daffodils.  One field would be purple, while the next was red...or yellow.  It was like being in a storybook.  There were windmills in the fields and several at the Keukenhof...which is located outside the town of Lisse.  It was a hunting area in the 15th century. Herbs for the kitchen of the castle of Jacoba van Beieren were also collected here; hence the name Keukenhof...which means "kitchen garden."  A little tulip trivia for you.
I love how the flowers flowed through the woods like a river.

Windmills are a favorite symbol for me...they make me happy! 

Don't miss out on the fun!
A Letter of Thanks...
From Lynette Chidester to the committee members for the RS Birthday Dinner
Dear Sisters,
Thank you so much for the time you spent and effort you made for a wonderful evening.  Because I am in Primary, it was so enjoyable to visit with people I don't see on a regular basis.  It was also nice to have the chance to socialize and catch up with the everyday things happening to the sisters in our ward, have a wonderful meal, (I love salads, so I especially enjoyed that part of the menu) have a yummy ice cream sandwich, (something I haven't enjoyed for years) and then finish with a poignant and spiritual lesson.  Please submit the story Rich told about his mother to the Church News or Ensign so others will be encouraged in their visiting teaching.  I shared it with my mother, and even over the phone she was touched by the message.  I am not sure everyone will receive this little note, but I hope everyone who did so much for all of us knows it was appreciated.
Thanks again,

Thank you, Sisters, for visiting!

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